Monday, September 21, 2015

Yachting Diagram

WALT:learn all of the part in the yacht. I am blogging about this because I really liked going yachting on the first day. I got to with Bella C. Me and Bella nearly got capsized in the water 2 times because Bella was distracting me because she kept on laughing.

Art Project

                                 Art project that I have been working on!

Hi and welcome back to blogging week 7.We have had a awesome week doing our art and creating our art if you look at everyone's in Rimu hub you would not believe your eyes.I put so much effort and PRIDE into my art.
I chose this picture because I like nature.

I am blogging about this because I had put a lot of effort into doing my art.


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WALT:Describe what our art looks like.I am Blogging about this because I think I showed PRIDE in doing it and I had a few acidents but its ok.

Art description
Hello and welcome back to a spectacular day of writing an art description.
My art is called The nature gift. The Nature gift is a nature picture because it has a lot of  leaves,flowers and birds. I chose this piece of art because I love nature a lot .The first thing I do when I get home is go straight in the grass to smell the flowers.
This nature Gift Relates to me because of when I go to the park the first thing that I can hear is the sound of children having fun. I love my art because it is full of different kinds of Nature. In My art I used Different colored paper and different colour paint. I made it by practicing drawing nature and when I was on my good copy I could draw it well. My tricky part was trying to find a small paint brush to fit in my bird. 1st change was That I had to start again because I did it wrong 2nd thing I did   wrong was painted the flower the wrong color. Spectacular special features we're adding glitter to my flowers.This amazing piece of artwork took my a week and 1 day that is really long.

See you later for some more writing next week.