Tuesday, November 10, 2015

P.E task 2

We were learning to create a video about run jump throw.
I am blogging about it because it was challenging.
You have now been to three different PE sessions- RUN, JUMP and THROW.
Please create something to show what you learned in EACH session.
It is your choice how to show and present this.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Heaviest to lightest

I am blogging about this because if was fun doing and challenging.
We were learning to measure heaviest to lightest and the length width.

Monday, October 26, 2015


We were learning to persuade the reader.I am blogging about this because I kept on trying my best to get it finished and greened.
This is my speech.

GOAL:Add Detail to ideas
At the age of 5 years old most children will start learning at school to be a self directed  learners like what you are. Most people should believe me that every kid should start going to school at the age 5 to learn the alphabet and things that they don't know!Knock knock who's there?  LEARN. learn who? Every kid should learn.      
Argument 1
Every kid should learn because you can get further in life and earn more money. After you finish high school you will go to university and learn different kinds of Art, Languages and Maori Papers. Once you have completed university you will have to graduate. When you apply for a job you get more money. The more knowledge you have, the better job you get which means you earn more money. For these reasons, you get further in life and earn more money.

Argument 2
Every kid should believe that if you learn the more skills you will know. This will change your life because skills you can learn will help you in you job, and it will help you in your education.The skills will help you improve with your life and work. The more skills you have, the more employable you will be. I have proven to you that every kid should because you will learn more skills.

Argument 3
Every kid should because you will have more knowledge.  You should believe me that every kid should learn because it will change your life and your brain thinking,more healthier brain which means that you will know more stuff.If children are stuck with their homework the adults will tell them knowledge to help them. These reasons are every kid should learn.

Now you should know why every kid should learn from these 3 reasons.I have made myself clear that every kid should learn so in the future they will get like good money and good jobs.Thank you for listening to my speech about why every kid should learn.

Thank you for reading hope I see you next week for a wonderful blog post.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Run Jump Throw

We were learning the skills and atutudies of Run Jump Throw.
I am blogging about this because when ever I was stuck my learning buddy helped me!
I am proud of me and my learning buddy

WALT practice athletic skills and share how to perform them.

Brainstorm words from the video and put in either column (Skills or Attitudes)
“Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Proud of yourself
You made it
Excited that you made it
Keep on trying
Ready to go
Pushing hard

Brainstorm 20 questions from watching the video. Any questions that come to mind.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Why / How / Where / What / When / Who
is / are / could / would / should / did / may / will / might / shall
How much do they have to train?
Why did they chose this sport?
Where did they train?
Did anybody convince you to do this sport?
When did they start this sport?
What sport did they do?
Did you get advice from anybody to help you train?
Would you do a different  sport?
Will you might change the sport or not?
If you had a choice would you not do it?
Would you change your mind and not do it?
How did you get into doing this?
Do you know any other athletes?
Is there a person that you've been trying to beat but you can't beat?
Have you ever been so good at your sport you have to change your sport ?
How long have you been doing this sport ?
How high do you have to jump?
How did they get so good at their sport?
When were they first inspired to do?
Do they have to train everyday?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Yachting Diagram

WALT:learn all of the part in the yacht. I am blogging about this because I really liked going yachting on the first day. I got to with Bella C. Me and Bella nearly got capsized in the water 2 times because Bella was distracting me because she kept on laughing.

Art Project

                                 Art project that I have been working on!

Hi and welcome back to blogging week 7.We have had a awesome week doing our art and creating our art if you look at everyone's in Rimu hub you would not believe your eyes.I put so much effort and PRIDE into my art.
I chose this picture because I like nature.

I am blogging about this because I had put a lot of effort into doing my art.


 Scan my QR code
WALT:Describe what our art looks like.I am Blogging about this because I think I showed PRIDE in doing it and I had a few acidents but its ok.

Art description
Hello and welcome back to a spectacular day of writing an art description.
My art is called The nature gift. The Nature gift is a nature picture because it has a lot of  leaves,flowers and birds. I chose this piece of art because I love nature a lot .The first thing I do when I get home is go straight in the grass to smell the flowers.
This nature Gift Relates to me because of when I go to the park the first thing that I can hear is the sound of children having fun. I love my art because it is full of different kinds of Nature. In My art I used Different colored paper and different colour paint. I made it by practicing drawing nature and when I was on my good copy I could draw it well. My tricky part was trying to find a small paint brush to fit in my bird. 1st change was That I had to start again because I did it wrong 2nd thing I did   wrong was painted the flower the wrong color. Spectacular special features we're adding glitter to my flowers.This amazing piece of artwork took my a week and 1 day that is really long.

See you later for some more writing next week.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun Run

Hello and welcome back to the blogging week of learning.WALT Reflect. I am blogging about this because I think the interview was very good and showed PRIDE in everything.
Working with your learning buddy, answer these questions

  • In the fun run I competed in Year 4 girls competitive race and I came 7th

  • I showed Parkvale Pride because it was my hardest running

  • Someone else I noticed in the fun run was Kayden because he was trying his hardest

Next, you need to pair up with another set of learning buddies. One set of learning buddies is going to have an interview with one person being the interviewee and the other being the interviewer asking questions about the fun run. The other learning buddy team will be filming the interview.

Hey guys Skyla here I will be interviewing Hannah
Interview Script:What did you compete in?
What did you come?
Did you show your personal best?
Who would you nominate to go to inter school but didn't go to inter school?
That's it for today's interview bye!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Reflection Time

Week 4 Reflection by Skyla
WALT reflect on our learning

Learning Superpower
What I Did Well
My New Goal
Learning Buddy
I helped my learning buddy when they needed help and when they were stuck and I also went to them if I needed help.

I will sit by my learning buddy most of the time.
Time Management
I use my time really wisely because I aim to get to Funday Wednesday!

I will not talk to my neighbor.
I listened really well because I am getting better at the moves but the new ones are hard!
I will try new skills.

*Note: you choose which is the third learning superpower you want to reflect on. It could be an area of learning or something else that helps you learn.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Parris Goebel Reading Response

Hi and welcome back to another great week of blogging this blog post is about my Literacy group person:Parris Goebel.
I am blogging about this because I worked really hard to do my personal best.
We were learning to find new information.

Your name:Skyla

Who have you picked for your artist?Parris Goebel

Why did you pick this artist (explain your reasons well)
I picked Parris Goebel because of her amazing hip hop dance moves. I wish that I could be her because she travels most places around the world.

Include a picture of your artist

Include 4 facts you have learned about your artist from your first reading
1.At just 22, dancer Parris Goebel has an impressive CV
2.She was offered a job at  cirque du soleil.
3.She couldn't live without laptop, iphone and mac cosmetics.
4. She has been chasing her dream

Come in next time for a new aventrueing time of bloging
By Skyla Halton

Friday, July 24, 2015

Holiday Post

Sunday the 19th  2015 In the holidays

On Sunday we went to The Snow Dome at The Hasting's Library. There was a big triangle thing that had snow at the bottom. It was my first time I had ever touched snow it was freezing!!. At the snow dome, I made a snow angel. Here are some pic's of me and in a pic collage. 

Friday, June 5, 2015


I am chosing this because i was so great for the week sitting up great and really really good at writing.
We were learning to do a great job for the hole week.
A postcard person does good school work,goood homework,kind to others and shows pride.
I got the post card for week 7 but i got it from Mr Cooper this is some pictures of it
When i showed my parents they where suprised.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Product writing

 I was learning to do a slogan about our Product.My product was a fluffy robot.I made the fluffy soap and Khushi made the robot.My favourite thing was doing our poster because we got to try a lot of new things.

Are you sick and tired to pick up your kids after school. Well, we have invented the... FLUFFY ROBOT! She is called fluffy robot because she is comfortable. Oh and do you see the buttons on her?
Let us tell you they what they are for!

RED: Turn into a car!
YELLOW: Start cooking!
GREEN: Dance!
PINK: She will do whatever you say!
PURPLE: She will fly!
So buy her now JUST for $ 102. Thats right, $ 102!
And there is a male version. Plus the fluffy soap is to give your kids a magical bath. The foam is a RAINBOW color. Which your kids will love!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Skyla's Camp Kaitawa Slide

At Camp Kaitawa we learned about nature
We have to make a slide with all of our favourite 3 things.
My favourite things were the Burma Trail, kayaking and the last cave when we went caving.  
This is the Rimu Moriarty slides.

Here is my slideshow.

Friday, May 1, 2015

I wish my teacher knew

In term 2 we have been doing a I wish my teacher knew task. You just tell your teacher something that is secret to you that the teacher doesn't know. Here are some examples. 

It is quite a good one and here is one more

I wish my teacher knew
that I am very creative and I love leraning new things like kwland. Another one did you know that I could speak Mario when I was a little kid?

Friday, March 27, 2015

My Special Place

For my writing group, I  did my special place. This is what it looks like!

Friday, March 20, 2015


This is the maths sheet for super saloons. I have gotten them all right because they are all about identify visual  fractions with circles .We have been doing a maths activity  called the visual fractions. The bottom number and the top number the bottom is called denominator and the top is  called numerator. I have gotten all of them correct. The first one is to color  them in, that  was easy.  This is my first I was learning fractions!

This is my second.We have been learning to do fractions.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My weekends

I just love my house I love my family and my papas
This is my puppy

This is me

This is my little brother

This is my dads car

This is my dads barbecue

My little brothers chair

Friday, February 27, 2015

About my self

I love my teacherHi my name is Skyla Halton and i am 8 years old.I love  playing sport. 

My favorite ones are netball, miniball and touch. I used to play touch with my friends. I play miniball with my friends at the Hastings sports center. My team is called Pv Jones. I play touch with the school. My favorite subject is maths because if I didn't go to school, I wouldn't  know what 1 times 1 is. My favorite restaurant is Hog's Breath because it is huge. It is so delicious. The biggest ice cream is called the rocky road ice cream. This is what it looks like. My teachers names are Mr Moriarty, Mrs Love and Miss Plimmer. The hub is rimu learning hub.

These are the photos of basketball, netball and touch.

Friday, February 20, 2015


In the week days we have been making a book review. This is how you do it first you read a book then you type about it then you have to write a Recommendation. This is what my book review looks like. it is a cartton book 

Friday, February 13, 2015

my slide

In The weekdays i have been making a slide about my self it says. i am 8 years old my Favrite sport is mini ball. Every body had to do one Mr Moriaty said i was the funny person in the class because i did the monkey face. and i am poking the Tunge hat is my monkey face!