Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Interdependence Blog Post - First Blog post of Term 2

Hi my name Is Skyla Halton and im back with another blog post,today this blog post is about interdependence.If you dont know what interdependence is it is when your not independent you're being collaborative with other people instead of working by yourself "There's No I in team always  be collaborative with other people".This week the teacher have made groups for us to be in  and named them after star wars people or something in star was like spaceship and robots etc. But this week the main learning muscle we have been working on is interdependence.The teachers sended us in our groups and half of the group would write a part of the holiday that we enjoyed or didnt enjoy then that same group would draw the holiday moments.Meanwhile the other group would be making up a rap they had to include what the people did in the holidays .When all of us finished it we had to perform the rap and show the art to every other group.When all 7 groups finished we got to hear who won every group came 2/last except for the group that used there collaboration muscle and everyone which was jakob team.

Here is a photo of my rap team and art team!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Waka Art

Hi and welcome back to my 1st blog post of 2017,today I will be talking to you about my waka art. In rimu hub for one of a learning task we had to draw things that we liked or your whanau.
I got to draw my Family and my likes.
I am blogging this because it was my Favorite art of all time and I put a lot of PRIDE into my art.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Run Jump Throw

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I will be talking to you about what we have been doing for our P.E in rimu hub. In rimu hub we have been doing for P.E Run,Jump and throw. Each Thursday or Friday we go into our groups Pacific Arctic or Atlantic. I'm in Pacific- I think it is the highest group. The reason why we have been doing Physical Education/P.E is to train for Athletics. My favourite was Throw because we got to learn different throws.


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Art Blog

Hi and welcome back to my blog today I will be showing you my art. In our art groups we got to chose 3 options- Sketching, Painting and digital art. I chose painting. When  we got to painting we got to paint a giraffe. The biggest challenge was cutting the eyelashes. I was learning to paint carefully, and notice proportions.

This is my art
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Narrative Plan

Hi guys today I will be talking abut my narrative plan.I am blogging this because in my plan I stuck a lot of PRIDE in to it. In Rimu hub we have had 3 choices to chose from in our writing groups. I chose narrative because I wanted to do a made up story.First the narrative group had to do a plan for the narrative story. In our plan we had to do things like
Resolution,Events and Detail.
This is my plan:

My Narrative Plan
Main Character:
Invisible Pray
Other Characters:
Cray cray

Invisible Pray
Invisible pray is in the air balloon but no one  knows where he is? But invisible pray just thinks that cray cray and ray ray are ignoring him.
Resolution:invisible Pray writes down “Come look at what I found P.S INVISIBLE PRAY”So then cray cray and ray ray can see what Invisible pray is doing But then the other 2 just follow his footstep..

Ray Ray is in the air balloon but no one  knows where he is?

Inside:Air Balloon,Grass Road tracks,4 Trees.
Personality / Actions:2  year Invisible pray- old girl who Likes to be invisible.Likes to eat ghost powder which makes hir  invisible,Invisible motion and macaroni & cheese are her favs.

Personality / Actions:

Cray Cray- Ray Rays sister Cray Cray likes to be the most Craziest and is the most craziest person is the whole entire world.

Ray Ray- Cray Crays BRother 11 year old boy who likes to be seen and also likes to have sushi,blow up balloons and swim.

Hot air Balloon:
Invisible pray Says “Come look what I found” But no one can hear Invisible pray so Invisible pray think that he is being left out.

But then Invisible pray writes down some words so they would know where he is and know what he is doing.
Cray Cray  and Ray Ray  found Invisible pray because his powder ran out.So then after a while they had a lolli scramble and leaved happily ever after.

Basic Facts

Hi my name is Skyla and I'm back so today I will showing you what we have been doing for stage 6 maths.
In our stage 6 maths learning time we have been doing basic facts. We get to go on the Maths symbaloo and do some place value games.For the past 2 days I have been playing Place Value millionaire game. Place Value millionaire is when the game asks you questions like "How many tens in ten thousand". You win up to $1000000 dollars worth of virtual cash on this game.

This is the start of Place Value millionaire.

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