Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun Run

Hello and welcome back to the blogging week of learning.WALT Reflect. I am blogging about this because I think the interview was very good and showed PRIDE in everything.
Working with your learning buddy, answer these questions

  • In the fun run I competed in Year 4 girls competitive race and I came 7th

  • I showed Parkvale Pride because it was my hardest running

  • Someone else I noticed in the fun run was Kayden because he was trying his hardest

Next, you need to pair up with another set of learning buddies. One set of learning buddies is going to have an interview with one person being the interviewee and the other being the interviewer asking questions about the fun run. The other learning buddy team will be filming the interview.

Hey guys Skyla here I will be interviewing Hannah
Interview Script:What did you compete in?
What did you come?
Did you show your personal best?
Who would you nominate to go to inter school but didn't go to inter school?
That's it for today's interview bye!


  1. I look so awesome in there and you BFF

  2. Well done, Skyla. I saw you trying your hardest and you were not giving up that's for sure. Great job for competing on the competitive because you know that the fun runs to easy for you. Keep it up!