Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Interdependence Blog Post - First Blog post of Term 2

Hi my name Is Skyla Halton and im back with another blog post,today this blog post is about interdependence.If you dont know what interdependence is it is when your not independent you're being collaborative with other people instead of working by yourself "There's No I in team always  be collaborative with other people".This week the teacher have made groups for us to be in  and named them after star wars people or something in star was like spaceship and robots etc. But this week the main learning muscle we have been working on is interdependence.The teachers sended us in our groups and half of the group would write a part of the holiday that we enjoyed or didnt enjoy then that same group would draw the holiday moments.Meanwhile the other group would be making up a rap they had to include what the people did in the holidays .When all of us finished it we had to perform the rap and show the art to every other group.When all 7 groups finished we got to hear who won every group came 2/last except for the group that used there collaboration muscle and everyone which was jakob team.

Here is a photo of my rap team and art team!

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  1. Hi Skyla,Great work looks like you guys worked really hard, Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Hunta you keep up the great work to.