Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Maths workshop prove it

I was learning to estimate and measure. I am blogging this because I love learning  how to estimate and measure.In our class we do maths and a writing workshops. If you don't know what workshops are, they are like this:  if you didn't understand that fraction or learning task, the teachers would run a workshop about fractions or learning task.When we understand that then we leave that workshop and have to do a workshop prove it.                                                          This is my workshop prove it

Workshop Prove It

I learnt what is estimate and how to do it

Here is an example:30x6=106

It's a thoughtful guess

See you next week for another great blog post

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  1. Well done Skyla, Keep the awesome Estimating and measuring up. I love how u have made a post about your learning. I also Like how u have described what a workshop is. So then people that come onto your blog can understand what a work shop is.