Thursday, June 23, 2016

Matariki Task

Matariki task
This week I am blogging my Matariki task.
I am blogging this because I think that I put a lot of effort into getting it finished to my personal best.
I am proud of this because I think that I stuck all of my Parkvale Pride into my Matariki task.
This is some comments that Mrs Major and Mrs love put:Well done,Good effort on your Matariki star,Great examples Skyla!,Good work! it looks like you have worked hard to make these stars Well done!
This is what my matariki task looks like.
Matariki Tasks

Choose 1 of the green literacy tasks.
Choose 1 of the blue art tasks.
Choose 2 of the red inquiry tasks.
Choose 1 more task of any colour.

Literacy tasks- Must Do 1
Success Criteria for all literacy
  • Follows correct structure (this will be different depending on your piece of writing)
  • Best possible word choices
  • Includes simple, compound and complex sentences
  • Punctuation and spelling helps the reader

Task 1: Retell the story of Matariki.
One day there was 7 sisters that dream of making some kites,on matariki day they made 7 kites for them so they could see with would fly  the highest.The oldest sister made a green paper - mulberry kit with eyes of tuatua shells. The second sister made a orang kit with eyes of mussel shells. The third sister made a pink kit with eyes of scallop shells.The 4th sister made a red kit that had eyes of pipi shells.The 5th made a Blue  eyes of whelk shells .The 6th sister made a white kit with eyes of grass.The  7th sister made a rainbow kit with eyes of paua shells .That evening they were waiting for some wind to fly their kits so they laid underneath a tree waiting for the wind  so they can fly their kites.It took so long until the wind started blowing but when the wind started to blow the had already fallen to sleep . The 7th  sister woke up all her other sisters.The Sisters  woke  up and they all said I can’t find my kite! The 7th sister said because they are flying away.The 2nd sister said Onon that is not good said all of the sisters we need to get them But none of them could get and they all said BUT WHO’S WON.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

                 Todrick Hall                                                               Aaliyah Halton/My sister
                                                                             The reason why I chose this person is
                                                                              Because I love her in every single way.
Todrick hall is a dancer the reason why I              She helps me with everything and inspired
Chose this person is because I don't                      me to believe in god and now my life is such Really dance but Todrick Hall Inspired                     better with him in my family.She inspires me
Me to dance.                                                           To do everything.

Task 6
Create a diagram of the stars labelling each star. Underneath, write what each star represents (or the gift it gives to the world). These links will be very helpful. Link 1.  Link 2.  Link 3.
Uru-a-rangi--Fiordland forest
Matariki -Maori new year
Waiti-Very furry bumblebee
Waita-Very furry bumblebee
Waipuarangi-Mirror Lake, New Zealand

Task 7
Try out this quiz. Read the instructions carefully and keep your answer to yourself. Write your answer below.
Matariki Ahunga Nui
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  1. Great post Skyal. It looks like you showed you personal best. Well Done!