Monday, October 26, 2015


We were learning to persuade the reader.I am blogging about this because I kept on trying my best to get it finished and greened.
This is my speech.

GOAL:Add Detail to ideas
At the age of 5 years old most children will start learning at school to be a self directed  learners like what you are. Most people should believe me that every kid should start going to school at the age 5 to learn the alphabet and things that they don't know!Knock knock who's there?  LEARN. learn who? Every kid should learn.      
Argument 1
Every kid should learn because you can get further in life and earn more money. After you finish high school you will go to university and learn different kinds of Art, Languages and Maori Papers. Once you have completed university you will have to graduate. When you apply for a job you get more money. The more knowledge you have, the better job you get which means you earn more money. For these reasons, you get further in life and earn more money.

Argument 2
Every kid should believe that if you learn the more skills you will know. This will change your life because skills you can learn will help you in you job, and it will help you in your education.The skills will help you improve with your life and work. The more skills you have, the more employable you will be. I have proven to you that every kid should because you will learn more skills.

Argument 3
Every kid should because you will have more knowledge.  You should believe me that every kid should learn because it will change your life and your brain thinking,more healthier brain which means that you will know more stuff.If children are stuck with their homework the adults will tell them knowledge to help them. These reasons are every kid should learn.

Now you should know why every kid should learn from these 3 reasons.I have made myself clear that every kid should learn so in the future they will get like good money and good jobs.Thank you for listening to my speech about why every kid should learn.

Thank you for reading hope I see you next week for a wonderful blog post.

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