Monday, September 12, 2016

How to do Taekwondo training

Hi and welcome back to my blog,today I will be sharing with you my How to do taekwondo training.
I was learning to know how to teach people how to do taekwondo training.
I am blogging this because I think that if people read this they will know how to do Taekwondo.
                                                   This is my Taekwondo training.
How to do Taekwondo training

                               You will need:
  • Yourself
  • Mouthguard
  • Body armour
  • Head Guards
  • Taekwondo Suit
  • Taekwondo Belt
  • Punching bag

  • The first step is to  put on your Head guard, Mouth Guard, Body armour, Taekwondo Suit and Taekwondo Belt to be a real Taekwondo pro.

  • Second you are going to stretch your legs for 1 minute and 30 seconds to get the high,low and in the middle technique so when you're playing you already know how to do it .

  • Now you are going to start kicking the punching bag and pretend it's a person. Use  the inner part of your foot because if you use, your toes your toes might break.Kick 10 times with the inner part of your foot in the middle,top and bottom.To kick it in the top, put your foot up high for the nice long  capital L.

  • Now you are a pro at doing taekwondo, just train and train and you will get better.

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