Friday, November 10, 2017


Hi Skyla here today today  I will be sharing my STEM task from this  week. This  week we had to do stem task if you dont know what stem means it means science technology engineering maths.  For Stem we had to make a  classroom makeover for our classroom for a competition.If you would like to enter the comp it finishes at the end of the term. click right there for it Stem Competition  and the game is right here Game and then click start from scratch.I am blogging this because I would really like you guys and girls to learn more about STEM and how to do it and also how it can help you in the future.
Here is my slideshow

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  1. Good job Skyla. I really like your design.
    you described how you used your learning muscles
    really well and your
    reflection is done to your personal best.
    Keep up the great work Skyla.