Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Magical Key

Last week me and everyone in my hub had to write a story for our reports,we had to chose out of 3 choices those 3 choices were The day I found a ...,Gripping tale or I love whanau.I chose The day I found a magical key.I am blogging this because i think it is a very good piece of writing so I want to share it with you so you can comment what you think about it!

The Magical Key
On one Beautiful Day I decided to walk down the street  Because there was a rumor going around about there was a missing key but nobody knew that there was a secret about this key,I was researching about this key and I found out it's called  yek (Key Backwards),It is Worth around 1000,00,0 million dollars (Gasp) and its made out of the Finest Gold in the WORLD.
Also people knew it was in Hastings but they didn't know exactly what street or were.

The Key Was Dropped by The one and only Kane Richardson,Kane Was The fastest runner in the world by over 29 minutes (Shocking right).Kane never knew that he dropped the key until when he got home  and started to watch news hub live he was so shocked that he fainted for about 30 seconds but woke up feeling the best he could ever be  and forgot he dropped the key and he  didn't even remember he had they key.

The next day bob stone the person who was going to go look for the key decided to create a machine never seen before it was called THE FINDER!! He was practicing and researching where to find the all of the object for his machine.He remembered one of his cousins worked at a  store that could  help him  it was named scraps for sale.But It was all the way in Great Barrier Island and bob lived in Hastings not near Great Barrier Island.So he saved up all of his money for a flight there and back and as he started packing he saw a bright light……

He was  searching and searching to find the bright light until he found the yek he was so happy he nearly exploded, no one knew that he had the key until after when he was wondering around his neighbor's house to see if they had any money because nobody knew that he was a theft(DUN DUN DUNNNN).
He was all of the news and his name was going around person by person.In the end Bob Stone was arrested for theft and was in jail for 30 years.
P.S kids do NOT steal or do not walk down the street without someone.

Hopefully you enjoyed and if you want more comment that and also remember to comment what you think about it!

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